Certain aging signs are unavoidable. Wrinkles and fine lines will appear on our faces as we age, that’s a fact. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing can be done about them. Here at Posh, we offer a multitude of treatments to ease the appearance of these aging signs and improve the look of your skin. Request an appointment at our Reno, Nevada, office to explore all of our options.


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How Do Wrinkles and Fine Lines Develop?

The gradual loss of collagen is the primary cause of facial wrinkles and fine lines. Repetitive facial movements and a great deal of sun damage can also contribute, often making these aging signs more visible. The first of these three issues, unfortunately, can’t be avoided. After age 30, our skin’s collagen and elastin content declines more rapidly, leading to advanced aging.

How Are These Issues Addressed?

Our wrinkle treatments include non-invasive solutions like ADVATx® and injectable treatments like BOTOX® Cosmetic. We also offer skincare treatments from popular brands like SkinMedica® and Obagi®. The right option for you will depend on the extent of your wrinkles and the results you’re interested in.

What Can I Expect?

Most of our treatments don’t require downtime and can be performed in under an hour here at Posh. Some wrinkle-reduction results can last for several months. For example, BOTOX® Cosmetic has been shown to offer wrinkle-free results for 4-6 months. We will discuss the best option for your needs when you arrive at our office.

Find Wrinkles Reduction Treatments in Reno, Nevada

If you have wrinkles or other aging signs, our team at Posh can help. We offer several wrinkle-reduction options, from lasers to facials, to help you get the flawless skin you deserve. Get started and learn more by clicking the button below or calling our office at (775) 826-7674 to make an appointment.


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Experience the best Reno has to offer here at Posh Medical. We offer a selection of anti-aging and body contouring services to help you look and feel your best. Connect with our team today by filling out the form below or calling our office at (775) 826-7674.

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