Aging signs like wrinkles and skin laxity are sadly unavoidable. As we age, facial volume loss becomes a real issue that often feels insurmountable. However, there is help on the horizon. Here at Posh, we offer Sculptra® and JUVÉDERM® injectable solutions to plump your skin and reduce the progression of volume loss. These injections can be performed in as little as an hour-long session, giving you results that last for years! Book a consultation in Reno, Nevada, to learn more.


Why Do We Lose Facial Volume?

Collagen, fat, and bone loss are responsible for facial volume loss and other aging signs. The resulting decline can be seen as gauntness in the face. Cheeks become hollow, and bags begin to appear. The good news is that simple treatments can address volume loss, and plumpness can be restored.

What Are the Signs?

The most evident sign of facial volume loss is cheek hollowness. The deepening of wrinkles and greater skin laxity are also strong indicators of collagen decline. These concerns are not serious medical issues but can seriously impact your confidence.

Treatment Options

Sculptra® and JUVÉDERM® are both effective choices for improving facial volume. Sculptra® is a Polylactic Acid-based (PILLA or poly-C-lactic) injectable filler that stimulates collagen production and improves your skin over time. The result of this treatment can last between 2-5 years, with gradual improvements being seen over time.

JUVÉDERM® is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that improves skin plumpness in the face. This filler takes little time to administer and offers results lasting an average of 12-18 months. This filler may be a better option if you want shorter-duration results.

Schedule Facial Volume Loss Treatments in Reno, Nevada

We offer dermal filler treatments to address facial volume loss here at Posh. If you struggle with laxity, wrinkles, and aging signs, these injectable treatments may be right for you. To get started, simply click the button below or call our office at (775) 826-7674 to make an appointment.


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