Over time, most find their sex drives take a dramatic nosedive. In particular, as women age, changes in their hormone production can cause vaginal walls to become thinner. Thinner walls result in fewer cells that secrete moisture. Once that happens, severe vaginal dryness can occur. This can make sex difficult and may ruin your desire for sexual activity in general. If you’re experiencing this or other intimate health issues, our MonaLisa Touch® system can help. Book an appointment in Reno, Nevada, to learn more.


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What Causes Vaginal Dryness?

A decrease in estrogen levels primarily causes vaginal dryness and dry vaginal skin. Estrogen is a vital hormone that begins to decline after menopause. That being said, certain lifestyle choices can also impact the amount of estrogen in your body. Rigorous exercise, smoking, and having children can all lower estrogen production. While MonaLisa Touch® can’t address hormonal issues, it can improve vaginal dryness without the need for surgery.

MonaLisa Touch® for Vaginal Dryness

MonaLisa Touch® treatments involve the use of a special laser wand. The laser wand is inserted into your vagina during the procedure, directing the laser pulses at the vaginal walls. The wand is probed down the length of the vagina one centimeter at a time. This process is painless and requires no anesthesia, but some women notice a slight tingling sensation from the lasers.

What to Expect

The major benefit of MonaLisa Touch® is that it doesn’t require downtime. So you can return to your regular activities right after your treatment. Once the procedure is done, you may experience some brief, minor swelling or discomfort. However, these symptoms typically resolve within a day or two. During your consultation here in our office, we will discuss post-treatment recommendations for you and a recommended treatment plan.

Vaginal Dryness Treatments in Reno, Nevada

If you struggle with vaginal dryness or other intimate health issues, our MonaLisa Touch® treatment may suit you. This treatment is performed in the comfort of our Posh office and can give you great results without downtime. Learn more by scheduling your appointment. You can reach us by clicking the button below or calling our office at (775) 826-7674.


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