Certain birthmarks can be seriously distracting. Such is the case with port wine stains, which often resemble large, red blotches. For example, having one of these marks on your cheek can draw attention away from some of your best features. Fortunately, there is something you can do about these marks. Here at Posh, we offer ADVATx® laser treatments to address pigmentation issues and give you the skin you deserve. Book an appointment at our Reno, Nevada office today to learn more.


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What Causes Port Wine Stains?

Port wine stains are caused by the abnormal formation of tiny blood vessels in the skin. These skin marks are present at birth and don’t go away on their own. They are typically not dangerous but can be a symptom of certain illnesses. Port wine stains are typically flat and pink at birth. As you age, these stains grow, and their color may deepen to dark red or purple.

How Are These Issues Addressed?

ADVATx® Skin Rejuvenation is an excellent option for removing these marks non-invasively. This laser device uses energy pulses to target port wine stains with great precision. These energy pulses increase the area’s temperature until the targeted cells break down. 

This process will gradually decrease the appearance of hyperpigmentation, leaving smooth, beautiful skin in its place. Treatments can be repeated as needed but must be done in intervals to give your skin enough time to heal. There is no downtime required after the treatment session.

What Can I Expect?

Your port wine stain will gradually fade with each treatment session. The best part is that ADVATx® doesn’t require any downtime after a session. During your initial consultation here at Posh, we will discuss the ideal treatment protocol to give you the results you need. Sessions can typically be done in less than an hour. However, this may vary depending on the size of your birthmark.

Find Port Wine Stains Treatments in Reno, Nevada

Get rid of troublesome birthmarks for good with ADVATx® Skin Rejuvenation. This treatment uses non-invasive laser energy to transform your look and help you feel beautiful gradually. To get started, simply click the button below or call our office at (775) 826-7674 to make an appointment.


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