Women's Treatments

As life changes, we all change with it.
Women go through many changes as they experience the different challenges along life’s path.

Today, there are endless options to help guide us through,
giving us opportunities to stay as fit, healthy and beautiful as we can possibly be.

Posh Medical is the leader with its exceptional array of options for women of all ages.

Posh Medical is always staying ahead with the most advanced medical treatments available.

Some of Posh Medical’s Treatment Options Include:




POTENZA RF Microneedling (Nevada’s Only Location)

Hair Restoration with PRP

Body Contouring with COOLSCULPT

Body Toning with COOLTONE


Here are just a few choices available to maintain beautiful, healthy toned skin and body.

See which one of our many choices may be right for you. 

Posh Medical never charges for consultations.  Make yours now.

See if YOU are a Candidate

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Our Rx and Medical-Grade skincare products will deliver the results you are looking

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