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If you have, or you’re starting to notice, sagging at the jowls, bagging under the eyes, or a general deflating on your face and body Sculptra Aesthetic is something to think about.

Sculptra Aesthetic may be used on the face as a longer-term solution than a standard filler and may also be used in the buttocks for more volume.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra Aesthetic is a Polylactic Acid-based (PILLA or poly-C-lactic) injectable filler that promotes the production of collagen in your face, neck, hands, decollete and buttocks by adding volume.

Although Sculptra is grouped into the dermal fillers category, it’s not your standard filler.

Instead of using hyaluronic acid to temporarily fill in, Sculptra actually gets to the heart of the matter for the long term.

Sculptra is not for the impatient.  You may have to get 2 or 3 treatments over a 6-month period and the optimal result doesn’t show up for 8 months after the last treatment.

That being said, the results of Sculptra can last for 5 years or more.

Sculptra can change the shape of your face, or just get it back to how it was before the morning you woke up and saw that other person staring at you.  This is some serious stuff and nothing to consider casually, because once you do it, you’ll be living with it for a while.

Clinical research has shown that the results of Sculptra can last 2+ years, but the study ended in 25 months.  What we know though is that the collagen molecules in our body last for 7 years or longer, so it stands to reason that you could possibly still see the results for many years more.

Your consultation at POSH MEDICAL will help determine where you are in the collagen producing and depletion process to realistically predict how long you will see the effects of Sculptra. 

The Benefits of Sculptra

Sculptra is an art and your injector must have vision and a strong knowledge of facial proportion as well as the proportion that you find beautiful.  The “ideal” may not be the look you’re after.  Choose POSH MEDICAL because you will live with the outcome for a while.

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